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Hi, I'm Lianne (or Dr. Lianne, or Dr. Lennert).

Welcome to  my web page, and to my practice. I look forward to meeting you and learning about you.

Even though people are usually not at their best when they come to see a psychologist, my goal is to help you discover the best in you: your strengths, gifts, and resources that have helped you to make it to this point in your life. Everyone has them--it's just that, when we come up against a difficult place, it is easy to forget how much we have already made it through, and how brilliant and creative our previous solutions have been.

People are remarkably, beautifully different from one another. Although the problems that people live with have similarities (that I have studied hard to learn about), the solutions that people come up with are much more varied and personal. My goal is to help you, or your children, or your family, to create the new, unique solution that applies your gifts and resources to the challenges you are facing.


WELCOME to Connections Psychological Services

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Dr. Lianne Lennert, PsyD is an independent practitioner.

The Connections Logo: Change, Healing, and Growth

The tree reminds us that our visible success depends on our invisible roots. The crown we see in ourselves and others, whether it is strength, courage, generosity, beauty, or wisdom, always depends on the roots of nurture and connection that support and maintain the tree. Building a satisfying life is often about attention to the roots: being able to take in nurture from others, being able to trust one's skills and choices, and being connected within the natural, familial, social, and spiritual worlds.

The river reminds us that healthy personality is never static. If you put a rock in a river, it flows around. As human beings, we have an incredible capacity to adapt to interruptions, challenges, and blocks, often by simply flowing around them. However, sometimes the challenge overwhelms us (like a dam), or builds up over time (like pollution), and our normal flow is interrupted. Outside help, including therapy, is sometimes needed to recover and restore our capacity to adapt.

The volcano reminds us that trauma, upheaval, and devastation are a part of human experience. Very few of us make it to adulthood without major losses, challenges, or emotional injuries. Although rarely spoken about, these often devastating experiences can sometimes leave us with vulnerabilities and pain that last a lifetime. The message of Mt. St. Helens is that human beings, like the natural world, have ways to heal and transform even the most horrible experiences


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